You are currently viewing Pujar Sarki  Movie Review: An Empowering Picture 0n Caste Discrimination

Pujar Sarki Movie Review: An Empowering Picture 0n Caste Discrimination

Pujar Sarki (2024) Movie Review: An Empowering Picture on Caste Discrimination

Cast and Crew of ‘Pujar Sarki

Movie Title: Pujar Sarki

Nepali Title: पुजार सार्की


Aryan Sigdel as Pujar
Pradeep Khadka as Maita Bahadur
Paul Shah as Meghraj
Anjana Baraili as Maiya
Parikshya Limbu as Gaumaya

Director: Dinesh Raut

Genre: Social Drama

Release Date: 2081 Jestha 10

Duration: 120 minutes

Pujar Sarki (2024) Movie Overview

Pujar Sarki (2024) is a powerful Nepali movie that addresses the significant issue of caste discrimination. Directed by Dinesh Raut, the film stars Aryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka, Anjana Baraili, and Parikshya Limbu in pivotal roles. The movie explores the struggles of two couples from different castes who fight against societal prejudices to be together.

Pujar Sarki Movie Story

The story of Pujar Sarki revolves around Pujar (Aryan Sigdel) and Maiya (Anjana Baraili), as well as Maita Bahadur (Pradeep Khadka) and Gaumaya (Parikshya Limbu). Pujar, a high-caste priest, falls in love with Maiya, a lower-caste woman. Similarly, Maita Bahadur, from a low-caste background, loves Gaumaya, but her father wants her to marry within her caste. These love stories highlight the challenges of caste disparity and the efforts to overcome them.

Pujar Sarki Movie Cast & Performances

  • Aryan Sigdel as Pujar: Aryan Sigdel delivers a compelling performance as Pujar, a high-caste priest determined to end caste prejudice. His character is intelligent and compassionate, making his fight for love and equality captivating. The chemistry between Aryan and Anjana Baraili is touching, making their love story believable and heart-wrenching.
  • Pradeep Khadka as Maita Bahadur: Pradeep Khadka’s portrayal of Maita Bahadur is another highlight. He brings humor and emotion to his role, making the audience root for his character. His scenes are engaging and often bring laughter to the viewers.
  • Paul Shah as Meghraj: Paul Shah, playing Meghraj, adds depth to the narrative. As a passionate advocate for equality, his character’s journey is both inspiring and poignant. His return to the screen after many years is memorable, with a performance that resonates with the audience.
  • Anjana Baraili as Maiya: Anjana Baraili portrays Maiya with grace and depth. Her character’s struggle with caste discrimination is portrayed with sensitivity, making the audience empathize with her plight.
  • Parikshya Limbu as Gaumaya: Parikshya Limbu delivers an outstanding performance as Gaumaya. Her portrayal of a lower-caste woman in love is both captivating and emotional.

Direction and Storytelling

Dinesh Raut’s direction brings the story to life, effectively showcasing the deep-rooted issue of caste discrimination in Nepal. The screenplay by Bikash Subedi is simple yet powerful, with strong subplots that enhance the main narrative. The rural setting of Kaski is beautifully captured by Rajesh Shrestha’s cinematography, adding authenticity to the film.

Why You Should Watch Pujar Sarki

Pujar Sarki is a social drama that not only entertains but also educates about the pressing issue of caste prejudice. With stellar performances, especially by Aryan Sigdel and Pradeep Khadka, and a compelling story, the film is a must-watch. It is a moving portrayal of love, struggle, and the fight for equality, making it a significant and enjoyable cinematic experience.


If you are looking for a movie that addresses social issues with excellent performances and a gripping story, Pujar Sarki (2024) is the perfect choice. This film is a testament to the power of love and the importance of fighting against societal prejudices.

PUJAR SARKI || Nepali Movie Trailer

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